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8 Simple Tips for Organizing a Kid's Bedroom

8 Simple Tips for Organizing a Kid's Bedroom

You're about to discover eight different things you and your child can do to help get your kid's bedroom organized. These tips are so simple that you could take action right away and your child will soon have a bedroom that is amazingly organized.

Get Down to Your Child's Level

Literally, crouch down to see your child's view of his bedroom and you may be surprised how different the room looks. If you consider your child's size, plus strength you'll quickly realize that adult dressers and closet doors won't work. Consider doorless closets and lowering clothes hangers. It's also a great idea to store toys in open plastic containers or bins that you can put on the floor or a low shelf. By doing this your child can reach everything and can put everything back in its place.

Teach Your Child How to Organize

Don't tackle the mess alone. Let your child help. Think of it as an educational moment where you can play teacher and help your child learn important life skills of how to organize his room. If your child helps he'll feel a sense of pride and he can even come up with a simple, kid-like organizational plan that he just might stick with.

Sort Everything then Store it All

You and your child will be too overwhelmed if you tackle too much all at once. It's important to devise a plan of action. Consider starting with clothing and sorting all clothes into piles of shirts, pants, shorts etc... Then decide where you want to store the clothes by type. Part of this process is also to get rid of the old stuff, so have him put that in a separate pile. Next you can tackle toys, books, nick nacks and more. Consider doing this in spurts instead of all in one day and your child will be more open to the idea. Also, playing music while doing these tasks or promising a fun reward when the task is complete can help lift a child's spirits and make the process more enjoyable.

Tackle the Small Stuff First for Toy and Game Organizing

Many toys and games have several small parts and if you don't create a plan to corral parts into a small bag to be put with the appropriate toy then the toy section can quickly become quite unorganized. Get lots of little plastic bags; grab all the small parts to each toy and put into the bag; tie the bag onto the toy. Consider also purchasing storage units that are dedicated for specific items like toy boxes or bins for toys, bookshelves for books, magazine racks for magazines etc...

Make it Simple to Put Items Away

Make sure that your storage units are organized in a way that it makes it simple for a child to return books, toys, clothes etc? to their designated spots. Kids are more likely to put clothes in drawers or on shelves, rather than hang them on hangers. They're also more likely to put toys back into an open bin rather than lifting a lid.

Think Low for a Kid's Reach

When you start to organize begin on the floor. Choose kids furniture pieces that have built-in storage that's low to the ground. Then work your way up to mid level to ensure that all of your child's things are in easy reach. Have your child show you how high he can reach and don't put anything higher than that. If your child has tons of stuff and you need to add shelves that are a little too high, consider putting the least used items up above.

Label Everything

If you label drawers, bins, shelves and more kids can't say they don't remember where things go. If your child is too little to read you can label items with pictures of shoes, socks, shirts, pants, toys, books etc... As he grows, let him change the labels to words.

Create an Organizing Schedule

Consider coming up with a daily organizing routine. You could have your child do a morning cleaning and evening cleaning, so that things stay neat and organized. Consider assigning times of day with specific duties like: making the bed and picking up pillows in the morning; putting laundry in hamper and putting toys and books away before bed. By doing scheduled chores your child will get used to cleaning and organizing and it will become a natural reaction as he gets older.

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