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An Organized Craft Area for Optimum Creativity!

Getting your Craft Area Organized will Boost Your Child's Imagination!

Importance of Organization

How many times have you picked up a pile of papers or heap of crayons only to do it all over again the next day? Then you ask yourself,"Why doesn't my child just pick up after himself, when I've told him a dozen times to do so!" It might be because you donít have the craft space organized well enough that every item has a designated spot. Choosing appropriate storage units that fit all of your craft supplies is the key to a cleaner craft area. A clutter-free craft area will also entice your child to be more creative and encourage him or her to sit and become a budding artist.

Take Craft Supply Inventory

Start by sorting your childís craft supplies by type of supply such as pens and pencils, crayons, paper, paintbrushes, glue and glue sticks, stickers etc... Then find a designated storage unit that will hold each group of items.

Storage Solutions for Every Craft Item

Once you've sorted your items into groups then it's time to measure your space and decide if you want just floor storage, wall storage, both or possibly some table storage. If you have limited space you might consider a kidís table and chair set with built in storage. Some sets come with a shelf directly under the table, others have bins in the table base and some also have sunken tabletop boxes for holding pens, pencils, crayons or markers. Built in storage always comes in handy, especially when your child wants to add more supplies to this creative area. When you're done measuring then start searching for your storage solutions.

The Three Bs for Bins, Baskets and Bookcase

Placing a bookcase with open shelves near your craft table is a great idea. Then you can use shelf fitting baskets and bins to hold craft supplies. This makes it easy for your child to grab a bin from the shelf to place on the table. Once done using those supplies, your youngster simply places all items back in the bin and puts the bin back on the shelf. This will keep the craft table clean for future creative moments. Stackable bins are also another handy option keeping items close by, but stacked to free up floor space. You can also use baskets placed on wall shelves if you donít have room for a bookcase. The three Bs will never let you down when it comes to craft supply storage options.

No Storage Floor Space No Problem

If you don't have enough floor space for a standing storage unit then you might want to consider getting a hutch for your table top. You can push your craft table against a wall and place a hutch on top using the wall for support. You can find baskets or bins to fit the shelves for item dedicated storage space. Your child can pull down the baskets during craft time and return them to the proper shelf when the project is done. Using labels on your bins or shelves is also a great way to let your child know where everything is to be stored.

Swapping Craft Supplies

If your child is an avid crafter and you always seem to be getting more and more craft items then you should consider doing the craft supply swap. Get some bins that you can keep hidden in a closet, garage or attic. Store some of your child's craft supplies in these bins and swap them out with other bins when your child begins to get bored with the same old supplies. Doing the craft swap will keep your youngsterís craft area feeling new and will help to spark your child's creativity and enthusiasm.

Other Recommendations

Optimal storage space is important to help keep your child's craft area organized and clutter-free, but there are also other things to consider. Using a vinyl table cloth on your craft table will allow for quick clean up of spilled paints and will keep your table top safe from unwanted stains. Choosing art supplies that are kid-friendly such as washable markers, water based paints, non-toxic glues and easy to remove stickers makes clean-up easier as well. Allowing your child to be part of the craft area organization plan is also a good idea. Then your child will know where everything goes and will feel compelled to put things back in their place. Remember, creativity can't be sparked amongst a mess so do your best to create a craft area that's easy to keep organized and clean and watch your child's imagination bloom!

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