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Feng Shui Tips for Kids Bedrooms

The Best Kids Bedrooms are Feng Shui Arranged

Believe it or not your kid's bedroom has a lot to do with how your child makes it through the day. If the bedroom doesn't have the proper Feng Shui arrangement then your child may feel on edge, unfocused and just plain tired all day long. (Feng Shui refers to a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy) Lucky for you there are some simple things you can do to your child's room to ensure that your kid wakes up every day ready to tackle anything that life throws her way.

The Placement of Kids Beds is Important

There are some definite Feng Shui "must-do's" when it comes to kids bed placement. This ancient Chinese practice states that it is best to place your child's bed away from a wall, so that both sides have open space. If that's not possible because of room size, make sure not to put your child's bed against a wall that butts up to a bathroom. This is said to cause health issues. Also, place the bed in such a way that your child's feet aren't pointing directly at the door. You also don't want your child to be able to see a bathroom or stairs from her bed, because both of these things can cause unease in your child's subconscious. Adding a headboard to the bed is a great way to increase your child's security at night. So, if your child complains that she's not getting a good night's sleep, double check to make sure that her bed is in the best Feng Shui position possible.

Light and Kids Bedroom Accessories do Matter

It's important to keep the room dark when your child is sleeping, because light fakes the brain into thinking it's still daytime and can cause a child to get a restless night sleep. Also keep the ceiling white and free from dangly things over the bed, so your child doesn't get a sense that things are lurking around the room as she snoozes. It's important to also avoid putting live things like fish tanks, plants or caged animals in a child's bedroom because these things add excess energy to a space and will keep your child too energized when she really needs to be getting her beauty sleep.

How to Encourage Good Study Habits and Increase a Kid's Desire to Learn

There are certain locations in a kid's bedroom that spark specific habits. When you enter your child's room the Knowledge area, according to Feng Shui energy practices, is located in the corner to the left. It is recommended that you put a kids desk, bookcase or reading chair and lamp in that left corner to encourage your child to learn, study and educate herself.

Inspire Creativity the Feng Shui Way

Feng Shui practitioners claim that the right wall when you enter a child's bedroom is the creativity spot. It is recommended that you add a table or small desk for art or creative activities to that space. Another wise thing to add is musical instruments or a CD player that will spark a child's musical talents. Consider also adding a cork board where you can hang your child's artistic masterpieces.

Enhancing your Child's Need to Achieve

The Fame Area in regards of Feng Shui practices is the center wall across from the bedroom door. To improve your child's competitive edge it's wise to hang trophies, awards, ribbons or school papers and certificates of achievement on the center wall. A bulletin board or wall shelf can make it easy to display items that instill pride in a child.

Improving your Child's Attitude and Mood

If you'd like your child to have a little more respect for her elders then consider hanging a picture of you and your spouse on her bedroom wall. This is supposed to subconsciously remind her that her parents are the head of the household. Also, surround your child with beautiful colors, but nothing too dark or too bright. You can also calm your child's mood swings by helping her eliminate the clutter in her room by adding some convenient storage bins or baskets, shelves, cupboards or other storage pieces to the space. Clutter can really be a huge source of chaos in a child's day, causing kids to become irritable, unfocused and unruly.

The Little Miracles of Feng Shui Kids Bedroom Design

You don't need to incorporate every single Feng Shui suggestion above for your child to benefit from a more positively charged bedroom environment. Doing these changes all at once could overwhelm you and your child. So, why not make small Feng Shui changes in your child's bedroom to gradually alter the energy in the space until you finally create the kids bedroom that will keep your child energized, focused and happy each and every day!

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