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Design Ideas for a Teens Bedroom

A guide to help you design a mature and fun bedroom for your teen.

A bedroom is an essential part of every teen's day to day life. Your teen loves to express herself, and how she decorates her room is another outlet to show who she is in this emotional and social time. Your teen's friends come over and spend hours going over every part of their days and creating themselves in their own personal space. Whatever décor a teen's bedroom is in shows you what her likes are (for that month), and can even keep you informed as to what is going on in your teens life. Below are some great suggestions on how to give her the creative space your kid wants when designing her room, and ideas to help create that perfect space.

Avoid Themes

Specific themes in a teenager's bedroom are not a good idea. If your son is really into guitar and you decorate accordingly, once soccer season starts he might decide that is his new passion. Getting neutral furnishings and paint can make a blank slate for him to fill. With your teens ever changing phases you can get accessories like posters and pillows to tie the room to one interest. Once a new passion comes along, it won't break the bank to allow him to change things up.


Allowing your teen open reign on decorating is an imperative part of the design process. As parents, we need to give teenagers the flexibility to express themselves. With a big "But!" we parents of course can't allow things to get too out of control. Anything in moderation can be done on a good budget. If your teen announces she wants one wall covered in paisleys, we know next year she will grow tired of it and want something new. Fabric can be your best friend at this juncture. Cover a headboard in paisley fabric and change it up whenever she is ready. It is a good idea for you to allow your teen to choose three colors that will be the mainstay in her room. Once that is decided, let her be the guiding force in figurines, pictures, and bedding. One big no-no is thinking that while she is away at camp you will surprise her and redesign her room. In theory, we think we are doing something special, but in reality, it mostly likely will not go over well!


A good rule of thumb is to get mature and good quality furnishings for your teenager. Throughout his years at home, he will be rearranging and moving things around to suit his tastes. Moving around inexpensive furniture will not last but a few years and this furniture could follow your teen to college or become a spare bedroom once he is gone. Learning to care for what he has and take pride in his belongings is a huge part of this age. Furniture is a good way to begin this lesson. Find pieces that have good storage and can accommodate many different items. As for aesthetics, going for sleek and neutral style is advisable to leave room for his own accents.


This subject is a biggie! Teenagers have insane amounts of stuff! Cd's, books, papers, projects, clothing, and much more. Giving your teen space to store it will save you and her from having the "Why is Your Room So Cluttered?" ordeal. You can stack lockers, shelves, cubbies, and even redone kitchen cabinets on a blank wall or closet for her own personal storage space. A sturdy working desk and good chair are another great thing to add for studying and homework. Hang ropes, corkboards, or magnetic boards for her to hang displays and pictures. Hooks are another great item for jackets and other clothing items worn daily, to keep picked up and in their own place.

Giving your teen personal space allows him his own safe ground to escape the stresses of the day. You can boost self-confidence by giving space for creative expression and keep yourself informed in where their interest lie once they step into the quiet phase. Your teen uses the appearance of his room to explore who he is and show the world his answer.

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