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Design Tips for a Young Girl’s Bedroom

Learn how to create the perfect girl’s bedroom for your 3 to 10 year old

All little girls are unique in their own way and their bedrooms should be an expression of themselves. Before designing your daughter's room, why not ask her about her interests and her favorite colors. Use your planning time as bonding time as well. This way you're sure to create the perfect girly or tomboy environment for your child. Below we’ve compiled some fun ideas on how to design your daughter's room to reflect her personality and interests.

Color Schemes

If your daughter tells you her two favorite colors why not splash them on her walls. Using paint is an inexpensive way to make a "Wow" statement. You can paint 3 walls in her favorite color and one wall in her second favorite or do two and two. Adding two colors to the walls will really make the room pop. Plus, if your little girl is surrounded by her choice colors she's sure to wake up in a good mood. (She's not a teenager yet!) If you want to be a bit more decorative you could cut out stencils of stars or hearts or even polka dots and paint the wall one color and the dots another. Maybe keep polka dots on just one wall so she doesn’t get dizzy. Add a bedspread that has her favorite hues and the room design will begin to take shape.

Unique and Inexpensive Wall Art

Bare walls might make a statement, but not necessarily a good one. To add a touch of your child’s personality to the room how about having your child make her own artwork. You can make this a fun parent / daughter project or get some of her friends involved. You can either purchase a canvas and some paints or paint right over an old picture. You might also consider having your daughter create a crayon masterpiece or picture in colored pencil or marker and frame it for added appeal.

You could also hold a friend artwork party and invite a few of her best friends over to create some colorful designs for display. Make sure her friend's sign their work so your daughter will have a lasting memory of her special creative day. If you want one huge picture as a centerpiece then consider having each of her friends dip their hands in colored paints to create a handprint collage on a large canvas. Have them sign their print as the final personal touch.

If you still have wall space left over, consider getting some kid-friendly wall art. If your daughter loves ballet then a picture of a ballerina would be perfect. If your daughter is into animals then a painting of kittens would be adorable. You could spend some time with your daughter looking at online artwork to find the ideal piece that suits her personality.

Fun Accent Pieces

You can create a beautiful theme space or add design and color without breaking the bank by using accent pieces around the room. If your daughter is into princesses or animals you can purchase theme pillows or a bedspread that matches her desired theme. We all know that little girls tend to change their minds often and changing a pillow is much easier than getting a brand new bedroom set. Keep the bedroom set neutral and you’ll be able to use the same set for years even through all of your daughter's room redesigns. Pillows can also be swapped from bed to chair to change the look of the room. You can also use blankets or comforters as wall decoration if your daughter decides that she’s due for a new bedspread. Using old items in new ways can make for a fresh new look in the bedroom.

Theme lights are also a big hit with little girls. You’d be surprised at how cute a teddy bear light can look next to your daughter’s bed. If strategically placed, lights can become the focal point of the bedroom design, plus brighten up your child’s room creating a more energetic space. These are also easy to replace as your daughter's interests change.

Kids Rugs

A theme or colorful rug can bring some whimsy into your child's room. Toss a rug in the corner to create a special reading area or play space. All girls like to have their own personal space and a rug is a great way to create a spot just for "Her".

Important Storage Solutions

Most girls check themselves out in the mirror now and again and a personal vanity is a perfect piece to assist with your daughter's primping time. Your daughter will have plenty of storage space for storing her beauty supplies along with a mirror to make sure her pigtails look just right.

Another great storage solution is a bookcase. This isn’t just good for holding your daughter's favorite books; it also provides you with lots of shelf space for holding other kid's trinkets and even your daughter's clothes. Each shelf can be dedicated to a different type of item to keep things organized and at easy access. Open shelves also make it easier for your daughter to clean-up. Let's face it; if a child has to open a drawer to put something away then her stuff will most likely remain tossed around the room.

Dressers, armoires, wall shelves and night stands also offer exceptional storage. Take inventory on your daughter's wardrobe and other storage needs and find a unit that provides a drawer or shelf for everything. This will increase the chance that your child will keep her room tidy. "There's no guarantee, but a parent can dream right!" The best option would be to find an entire girl's bedroom set that has a bed, plus storage pieces all in one so everything matches and works together. If you choose a neutral colored furniture set than matching your fun wall colors, wall art, pillows, rug and lights with your furniture will be simple and you’ll have accomplished your goal of creating the ideal girl bedroom for your daughter.

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