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This Bunk Bed's for You!

Find the right bunk bed for your space.

The world of bunk beds is diverse and exciting because there are so many options. Bunk beds are great for two children that share one room, they're excellent space savers for guest rooms and wonderful for a child who loves sleepovers. You can't go wrong when you get a bunk bed. The question is, "what type is best for your space?"

We're here to provide you with all the information you need to find the bunk bed that's right for you. If after reading our extensive guide you still have questions please feel free to contact one of our Kids Furniture Experts by clicking on the Live Help button above. We want your bunk bed shopping experience to be easy and fun.

What is a bunk bed?

When you hear the term bunk bed you probably think of the standard kind that includes one twin size bed suspended above another twin bed. This allows you to have two twin size beds within the floor space dimensions of just one twin bed. This can be a great space saver. Bunk beds actually come in many varieties with twin, full or queen mattress on the bottom and twin on top, storage drawers attached, ladders or steps leading to the top bunk and some even have office space below. This guide will introduce you to all of the bunk bed options and the benefits of each.

How do I know what kind of bunk bed to get?

You'll first need to decide why you want a bunk bed. Is it for your two children who share a room or to save space in your guestroom? Maybe you want it so you can add a bed to your office with a desk attached or possibly to have a place where your child's sleepover buddies or visiting relatives can sleep? There are plenty of reasons why bunk beds are a great option. Once you decide why you want one, then you'll need to measure the space. Will your space fit a twin size bed only or a full or queen. This will give you an idea of the dimensions of the bed you'll need. It's also important to realize your storage needs. Now it's time to weigh your options and pick that bed.

Types of Bunk Beds

Wow, the variety of bunk beds available is grand so we'll do our best to introduce you to all of your options. This will help you narrow down your choices so you can pick that perfect bed.

Twin Bunk Bed by Young America

Twin over Twin without storage - This is the standard bunk bed with two twin beds, one bunk over the other. This option is a great space saver because you can sleep two people while only utilizing floor space equal to the size of a twin mattress. This option is great for small to medium size rooms. There are no drawers or cubbies with this option so it doesn't help with storage, but does give your child plenty of play space in the bedroom.

Bunk Bed Young America

Twin over Twin with storage - This is just what it sounds like, two stacked twin size beds that include storage drawers or shelves built into the bed frame. Some models offer one big bottom drawer or you can get one with several smaller drawers. Others have cubbies along the sides or cubbies with drawers below. This type of bed is great if you have a small room with limited storage options. Having the storage space built into the bed is a definite space saver.

Berg Furniture Twin Captains Bed

Full over Twin Shaped like an "L" - This type of bunk has a full over twin that are angled in an "L" shape, just overlapping at one end. This bed structure frees the child on the bottom bunk from being completely under the top bunk. Both bunk mates will have open space above them giving them room to move or sit up without feeling confined. This bed takes up more floor space than a standard bunk, but often comes with attached storage and sometimes a desk on the end so it has a lot of great features to offer.

Twin over Double Bunk Bed by Young America

Twin over Twin, with bottom bunk extension - This bunk bed is quite versatile because it allows you to extend the bottom bunk into a full-size bed. To save space, you can keep this bunk bed a twin over twin until guests arrive. Then simply pull the full-size mattress down from the attic and extend the bottom bunk to sleep two.

Berg Furniture Bunk Bed

Twin over Twin, with attached desk - This bed offers your child a comfy place to sleep and study, all in one. Plus, it makes sleepovers easy. This is a great space saver if you don't have space in your child's room for a bulky desk, but you really want to set-up a great homework area for your child. This bunk bed is also perfect for the guest room and when relatives aren't visiting it can double as an office or homework room.

Twin over Double Bunk Bed

Twin over Double, without storage - This bunk bed has a twin bed on top and a full-size on the bottom. This is perfect for siblings that share a room. The older and most likely bigger child can sleep on the bottom bunk to have more legroom. It's also perfect for sleeping two on the bottom bunk if company comes to town.

Bunk Bed Young America

Twin over Full, with storage - This bed has room for 3 people so it's perfect for two siblings that share a room, still offering space for the sleepover pal. The one or multiple bottom drawers will also provide additional storage space without taking up extra floor space. This is perfect for a guest bedroom as well. Your visitors will have drawers where they can store their clothes and the option to share a bed or sleep separately.

Berg Furniture Bunk Bed

Twin over Full, with desk - Having a twin over full with an attached desk is very convenient in a guest room used as a den when visitors are gone or when used in a child's room. Either way your child will have plenty of room for friends to stay the night or siblings who share the room, plus the attached desk is a space saver and provides the perfect homework nook.

Berg Furniture Bunk Bed

Twin over Full, shaped like a "T" - Picture a twin bed on top and a full underneath configured like a "T". (The head of the full bed is against the wall.) You can get this option without storage or order it with drawers or cubbies on the side for extra storage space. This is great for a child's room or guest room. It does take up more space than a standard style, but offers more sleeping room.

Powell Furniture Bunk Bed

Full over Twin, with attached desk - Otherwise known as a loft bunk; this unique bed includes a full size upper bunk and a twin size trundle bed. Attached, is an oversize desk unit that will hold a computer, video games and other accessories. It also includes storage drawers and cubbies. This offers everything your child needs wrapped into one sturdy unit.

Should I get a bunk bed with a ladder or stairs to the top bunk?

Let's face it, all kids love climbing to the top bunk. It's recommended that children under the age of 6 never go up top. If the bunk bed is for your older child then choosing the ladder option may deter a younger sibling from climbing to the top. Stairs make it easy for a little adventurer to get to the top bunk. If your children are a bit older then stairs are a great option. Stairs are built-in to the bed and usually include dresser drawers underneath for extra storage space. Remember though, stairs add bulk to the bunk bed so measure carefully before getting this option.

Ladders are exciting to climb, but make it a little more difficult to get to the top. This option is fine for children who are 6 years and older. Ladders also come in different configurations; some are set at an angle, some straight up and down and others are built into the footboard or headboards.

Why are bunk beds a great investment?

The fact that there are so many types of bunk beds makes it easy to find the ideal sleep and storage solution to perfectly suit your needs. A bunk bed is a great investment and can be used in your child's room then upgraded to guest bed for visitors. Either way, bunk beds are just plain fun and are great for any space.

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