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Kidís Bedroom Storage Solutions

A guide to storage units and their many uses

When you think if kids you probably think about smiling faces, lots of energy and clutter. Letís face it, most kids were not born with the skills or desire to clean-up after themselves. They also have the ability to accumulate an amazing amount of toys, clothes, shoes and other kid things. If you don't have enough storage units in place to hold all of your child's belongings then the natural place for them to end up is on the floor.

Parents are always looking for ways to keep their childís messes contained and the only way to conquer this challenge is to set-up your childís bedroom with drawers, shelves, bins, baskets and more that have a specific storage purpose. Itís best to first take inventory of all the items that you want to keep hidden. Then choose storage units that will fit everything.

Here at Simply Kid's Furniture we offer every type of storage solution you can imagine in fun, kid colors and designs. Don't devalue a room by using plain plastic bins when you can choose decorative storage units that will add charm to your childís room. Below weíve included information about a variety storage items and suggestions for how to get the best use out of each unit or piece when using it in your kid's bedroom. If you still have questions after reading this handy storage unit guide please contact one of our Kid's Furniture Experts by clicking on the Live Help button above. Remember, weíre here to help with all of your kidís furniture and storage needs and want to make your storage selection process easy.

Storage Solutions for a Kid's Bedroom

We first recommend creating a list of all your child's things that tend to end up on the bedroom floor. This will give you an idea of what items need more designated storage space. At least your child's mess is good for something! Remember, if thereís a place for everything then your child can put everything back in its place. At least that sounds good in theory!

Decide on your storage needs or wants. Do you want floor supported storage pieces, storage that hangs on the walls or goes in the closet? If your child has the typical, massive collection of kid's stuff then youíll probably need all of the above. Next, get out the measuring tape. Measure the room and decide where the storage items will go. Remember to take several measurements including width against the wall, length from top to bottom and distance from wall out into the room. Storage units come in an array of shapes and sizes, so knowing your room dimensions is essential.

Kid's Bedroom Storage Pieces and Ways to Use Them

Kids tend to make the craziest messes, but we've got you covered. If your child tends to throw clothes, toys, games, stuffed animals or just plain everything on the floor we can help you combat that challenge. Below is a list of storage units that are great for any child's bedroom.

Da Vinci Dresser

Dresser- A dresser is perfect for hiding your child's clothes and keeping them organized. Dressers come in many sizes and shapes. Some have 3 drawers where others will have many more. If youíre working with a large space then a big dresser will do the trick. If your space is limited then you might want to choose a dresser with just a few drawers. Either way you can't go wrong with this storage item in your childís room. You can organize each drawer by type of clothing and you might even consider labeling each drawer with titles such as: shirts, pants etc... This way your child has no excuse not to put clothes in the right place.

Young America myHaven Collection Large Hutch in Heart of Pine

Hutch - A hutch is a shelf unit that can be placed on-top-of a dresser or desk. This is perfect for storing items for easy access or to display your childís awards or rock collection. If you choose a hutch and dresser with matching finishes this will look like one fabulous unit.

StorkCraft Beatrice Combo Tower Hutch Cherry

Combination Tower with Hutch - This option comes together with dresser below and hutch on top. It provides excellent drawer storage for clothing and ample shelf room for your child's awards or trinkets. The shelves are also perfect for holding pictures or your child's prize possessions.

StorkCraft Aspen Armoire

Armoire - An armoire is great for a medium to big room. This storage unit typically has a variety of storage options such as large doors that open to shelves and clothes hanging rod above and bottom drawers for holding clothes and other accessories. You can get these in a variety of heights, widths and depths so know your space before buying the unit.

Madison Collection Door Chest by Young America

Chest - This piece is quite similar to the armoire including doors with hidden shelves and clothes hanging rod up top along with drawers below. These can also vary in size and included storage options. Chests tend to come with a shelf, hidden by doors, thatís perfect for holding a T.V. as well. There are also usually cord holes through the back to keep all electrical cords organized and out of site. This is a perfect piece if you want to keep your childís clothes and T.V. out of sight.

Hampton Pointe Piano Key Three Drawer Nightstand by Young America

Nightstand - This refers to a smaller table that usually sits next to the bed. These come in different sizes with a variety of storage options. Some come with all drawers, others come with one top drawer and bottom shelf where as others include only shelves. If your child loves to doodle in bed or likes to keep books close by for nighttime reading then this is just what you need. Your child can store favorite books, drawing pads and pencils, favorite stuffed animals, magazines and more in the nightstand. Itís also perfect for holding tissues and a reading lamp on top.

Bratt Decor Jane Bookcase

Bookcase - A bookcase is wonderful for many reasons. It not only keeps your child's favorite books in reach and organized, it can also be used to hold other items that your child wants to display or use often. Bookcases come in a vast assortment of colors, shapes and sizes so know your space before choosing a bookcase. Even if you donít want to keep books in your child's room a bookcase is very handy for holding bins with your childís clothes or toys. When placed inside a closet, a bookcase offers wonderful hidden storage shelves

Badger Basket Two Hamper Set with Liners

Hamper - Having a hamper in your childís room is essential. There needs to be some place to put dirty clothes instead of on the floor. There are many kid friendly hampers with fun designs and colors. They also come in many sizes so there are hampers to fit any space. If you don't want your childís hamper to be visible, you can place it inside the closet. Now and again, you still might need to remind your child what the hamper is for, but now there will be a place for dirty garments.

Bratt Decor Jane Stacking Bins

Bins - Bins are box shaped pieces that are great for storing all types of kid's things. They come in many sizes and colors and some are even stackable. You can include decorative bins in your childís room to add a touch of charm or whimsy to the dťcor. You might consider labeling bins by clothing type or toy type and putting bins on the bookcase or closet shelves. This will help to keep your child's accessories organized and give each item a designated spot.

Bratt Decor Dick Trash Can - White

Trash Can - This might not be considered a storage piece per say, but your child needs some place to throw away rappers, used paper or tissues. A kid's room without a trash can is just a mess waiting to happen.

Final Recommendations

Your child's bedroom should be a kid sanctuary that provides your child with a comfortable place to play, read, hangout, study and sleep. It's hard to do any of those things with mounds of clutter around so keeping this space organized is a must. Remember to let your child's messes guide you in your storage plans. If your youngster tends to leave clothes in a heap then you need more dedicated clothes storage space. If your child has papers spread about then bins or shelves for paper are needed. Take the offensive route against your child's messes and set-up the room with clutter-eliminating storage units. A clean room will give you peace of mind and your child just might be inspired to put things back in their place.

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