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The Best in Closet Organization

How to Get your Kid's Closet Organized to Stay that Way!

Oh, my gosh! You've just opened your kid's bedroom closet door and out flew oceans of toys, clothes, single socks, shoes and the book you thought you lost a month ago, landing in a jumbled heap around your feet. Sound familiar? This all-too-common scenario has a happy-ever-after ending for a small investment in time and money. So read on to learn about organizing the closet of your kid's bedroom.

Begin by taking everything out of the closet. Make sure the kids are in on this. It will teach them how to organize and create a feeling of satisfaction when it's done. It will also give them incentive to keep it clean once it's organized.

Explain to them that research has indicated that good organization can increase storage capacity by over 65%. They'll have more room, be able to find things when they want them and have an easier time of clean-up because there will be a place for everything.

At this time, several black garbage bags will be amazingly handy. Get one for garbage, for recyclable materials and for donations or a future garage sale.

Sometimes kids have difficulty parting with possessions even if they are of no further use to them. Put them in the donation bag. Wait two weeks, and then see if they still want the item. Chances are, out of sight out of mind. Then you can donate with a free conscience.

Once the closet is empty, clean it thoroughly. You might even want to paint it. After all, this is a brand new start for both your child's organizing skills and for the life of this particular closet.

Now on to the building of the Organized Closet!

1. Install an additional low closet pole if your child is young. Make it easy to reach or put away clothing.


Prepac Sonoma 4 Shelf Bookcase

mini library storage

Classic Collection Mini Library

2. Provide some shelving in the closet. Here are some great suggestions you can consider for this. The Prepac Sonoma 4 Shelf Bookcase fits perfectly inside a closet. The Classic Collection Mini Library - Birch by Oeuf provides open and hidden shelving.

kid's bedroom hanging shelves

Delta Princess hanging compartments

kids locker

KidKraft Locker

3. Add additional items of storage to encourage the unique personality of your kids. The Delta Princess hanging compartments can also fulfill the shelving requirement for a special little girl in your life. The KidKraft Locker is a fun option for the sports enthusiast.

toy bin

KidKraft See-through Bins

4. Consider a rolling chest or trunk. This means collections or large items can be brought out all at once, used and replaced without a great deal of effort. Check out the KidKraft See-through Bins which are perfect for holding toys and can be slid easily in and out of a kid's closet.

kids bedroom shelf

Bratt Décor Dick 3 Pegged Shelf

5. Make sure pegs are available for hanging purses, belts, ties, scarves, etc. The Bratt Décor Dick 3 Pegged Shelf provides an extra shelf for books or trinkets and has sturdy hooks for hanging coats, robes or anything else your child wants to hang.

kids baskets

Badger Baskets set of 2 folding baskets

kids stacking bins

Bratt Décor Jane Stacking Bins

6. Provide plenty of storage for collections and groupings of toys. Here are but three suggestions from the large array of available products. The Badger Baskets set of 2 folding baskets are beautiful and come in different colors. Bratt Décor Jane Stacking Bins are adorable and perfect for holding and organizing items on shelves.

7. If your kids share a closet, consider a different color code for each child to keep arguments at bay. Each child gets their own color and an additional color is used for shared items.

So now the closet has been emptied and a system set in place. It is time to put all the items back! Hopefully, there will be a diminished pile on the floor due to use of the Trash, Recycle and Give Away black bags.

Make a party of it! Put on some fun music, prepare some party snacks. Get the whole family involved. Let each person have a turn picking up an item, and putting it away. Discuss which basket or bin is best for which type of item, why shirts are better on hangers or how putting the rolling trunk in first will make it harder to complete the job.

By including kids in the process of organizing the bedroom closet, they will take ownership and pride in the end result. They will see the immediate improvement in their environment. This is a skill development to last them a lifetime in school, work and in their own homes. Your job as a parent is not to take care of your child, but to teach your child to take care of his or her own self. You might as well enjoy it along the way!

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