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How to Design the Perfect Study Space for your Child

Your Child's Study Space is Important. Design it Right for Optimal Study Time!

School is getting more and more demanding for children today. What was studied in college is now being taught in high school, and kindergarten has homework! Parents are following the trend and trying to make studying more comfortable and productive at home. If you don't create a good study environment for your child then he might not put in the study time it takes to pass those difficult tests or complete school projects. Here are some valuable tips on creating a study space for your child to keep him focused throughout the school year.


Find your child a study space that is away from the noise and disturbances of the day. If you're limited on space, than you might try taking the other kids out for an activity or make a quiet time while your child studies. Libraries are quiet for a reason! Quiet is conducive to intellectual work, and this is no different at home.

Investing in a good quality desk and chair are also very important. It's hard to concentrate on studying if you're too relaxed in a recliner or too uncomfortable in a hard-seat dining room chair. A desk with space for larger projects and room to spread out notebooks and papers is ideal for older children. Spending what you can on a furnishing that contributes to your childís education that he will also use almost every day is setting him up for a much smoother school year.


Each child has a study time that works best for them. Once you discover a good study time for your child, set a routine to follow everyday so nothing is missed. An example would be, come home, have a snack, do homework, organize backpack, help with dinner, and get ready for bed. Just like adults, children work best when they fall into the daily habit of a schedule. In the beginning of the year, your child will need a list of his classes and where they are because he can't remember them all. Two weeks later, he'll be walking around like clockwork. The same routine applies for homework and studying, as well. After the first day of school, it's a good idea for you to write all of his classes on a calendar or message board near his desk so he can see the list and be reminded of any studying he might have forgot.

Create an area near the door or desk that keeps all school items together. Once study time is over, your child can pack up his books and necessities needed for the next day and hang them on a shelf, cubby, or hook so there's no forgetting anything in the rush the next morning.

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Lighting is a very important part of designing a great study environment. You don't want to make the lighting too dim and soothing, and you donít want it too harsh and over stimulating. Harsh lighting can make your child's eyes retract instead of focus and become sleepy or jumpy like the effects of too much caffeine. Full spectrum or "natural daylight" bulbs work best for overhead lighting and lamps. These lights yield the least eyestrain of any light source and offer you the most comfortable feeling of awareness than any other bulb.

Setting up a lamp to accent the ambient overhead light is the best layout in a study space. This gives great overall and reading light and gives your child lighting options so he can choose what lighting system works best for him. Lamps come in all shapes and sizes so allow your studier to pick out his own lamp style for you to research and buy.


Keeping your kid organized, with homework and books, does not stop at school! Having to lug all his school stuff to home and pull it all out for studying means he needs a good organized space at home too. Drawers, cubbies, shelving or a filing system all work great. You can combine all options, as well, to give the ultimate storage options for your child. Most desks have attachable hutches available and drawers built in. You can add a storage area near the desk if you want more organization or if your kidís desk doesn't come with storage space. This is all to ensure your child doesn't have to get up to look for things which wastes time and is distracting. It's much easier for your child to get his mind fully into study mode when everything is in its place and he knows where to find supplies.


To round up the senses for studying, a good color scheme can also be helpful. Studies show that the color yellow seems to be the best color for remembering things. Yellow is a happy and uplifting color. It can also be associated with intellectual thinking: discernment, memory, clear thinking, decision-making and good judgment. Though, it's not a good idea to paint the walls a bright color, you can find a good neutral color like beige for the walls and floors and accent the desk and study space with yellow to keep attention drawn to this area.

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